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Muse: Na'Toth
Fandom: Babylon 5

"Na'Toth, you do not listen to me again!"
Aunt La'Eth sighed wearily, having noticed, that her eleven-year niece looks in a window instead of heeding her words.
The girl slowly turned a head to the aunt. Her scarlet eyes looked directly at Narn woman.
"I listen to you, aunt."
And she yawned, not trying to hide it from her at all.
La'Eth never distinguished by special patience, frowned, having seen so frank expression of disrespect. One more instant, and sonorous slap in the face sounded in a room.
The Narn girl silently touched a cheek which began to swell up, but not made a sound, only her eyes were narrowed defiantly.
The aunt approached to her, lips squeezed together in a thin line, eyes sparkled, as two rubies. During this moment they were very similar: the aunt and her niece.
" If you listened to me then repeat that you should remember. List to me names of our ancestors!"
La'Eth almost hissed these words.
The girl impudently faced her. She knew, that the aunt does not bear those ones who dare to argue with her, but could not restrain any more.
" I'll not repeat it. And I do not want to spend my time for learning of names of people which have died many years ago. "
The aunt opened wide a mouth, stunned with her words.
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