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Birthdate:Apr 10
Location:G'Kamazad, Narn
My name is Na'Toth, 5 Circle of Kha'ri, I was the diplomatic attache of ambassador G'Kar on Babylon 5.
My motto
Chance favors the warrior
I believe in myself, in my own forces.

Na'Toth was the second aid to G'Kar, after his first aid Ko'Dath died in an airlock accident. When she arrived, a member of the Narn assassin guild was attempting to kill G'Kar at the behest of an old rival of G'Kar. G'Kar was eventually kidnapped by the assassin. Na'Toth went to the assassin and claimed to be his backup. She was able to disable the pain device that had been placed on G'Kar. G'Kar was able to defeat the assassin, who left the station before the assassin guild had him killed.

Unlike Lennier and Vir, Na'Toth has her own agenda. She is quite ruthless and cunning in her dealings. When Jha'Dur - aka Deathwalker - showed up on the station, Na'Toth attacked and nearly killed Jha'Dur, having sworn a blood oath against Jha'Dur. She was unable to kill Jha'Dur herself, but the Vorlons killed Jha'Dur to keep her from revealing the secret of immortality to the galaxy.
Na'Toth went home to Narn at some point during the year, 2259. She was on Narn when the Centauri used mass drivers to pluck asteroids out of orbit and bombed the Narn homeworld. Na'Toth was missing and presumed dead. In the 2261 Na'Toth was found to be alive and a prisoner in the Centauri Royal Palace (A Tragedy of Telepaths). Londo Mollari and G'Kar smuggled her from the palace, and arranged for her to be sent back home to receive treatment for her injuries.

Na'Toth's canon life
How I have got on B5

My Shon'Kar

about my belief

My first miss

The moment of changes

act of sacrifice

Day of Death


From Na'Toth's mun:Babylon 5 and its characters (Na'Toth in particular) are the property of J. Michael Straczynski and Warner Brothers Television. No copyright infringement is intended.

BTW:Some facts described in the given lj, do not grow out rough imagination of the mun but unscrupulously borrowed from initial and not initial sources for example "Blood Oath" by John Vornholt and "True Seeker" by Fiona Averyand... of course... some fact from Centauri and Technomage trilogies ( many thanks to Peter David and Jeanne Cavelos)


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