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Muse: Na'Toth
Fandom: Babylon 5

I had many such encounters if to think carefully. Usually the degree of importance of such events is realized some time later. I could tell, that my first meeting with ambassador G'Kar was something fatal, and I would not be mistaken. But it could not be, if I have not met Y'Tar, the wife of my former chief Li'Dak some months before.
It happened, when I experienced some kind of crisis of belief. I have realized suddenly, that all my work here is a vicious circle and I felt, that lose myself in infinite intrigues. I have not been created for this purpose. I felt like sick each time when did something that was not pleasant for me. I was arrogant and wanted to achieve something greater, than to be the aide of grumbling Counselor. But I should offer something to promote, to achieve something greater here... And it meant to betray my principles, to cease to be myself.
There was special severe world in Palace of Kha'ri, and if I wanted to work here further, I should make this choice.
Otherwise it would mean impasse. They would not pass me above. It was the law of this place.
And when I was on the verge of despair, thinking about this situation, madam Y'Tar called me and has told about the new project which just started to work.
Space station Babylon 5. Diplomatic mission.
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