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Whether do I friends easily?
Hardly. I need some time to get used to the new person, to look narrowly at him. I am not inclined to be frank with strangers. Moreover, I'm seldom frank even with those people which I can name as "my friends". I know, not all people like such manner, but it is my old habit and I am not going to change it in near future.
I believe, I can be counted unsociable even from the point of view of my people. But this fact does not bother me at all. I always had very few friends. Even in the childhood. Perhaps, it was is connected with the misfortune, happened with my grandfather. My family did not want to make his illness by property of publicity, therefore I never invited neighbour's children with whom I played in our house. However, I played with them very seldom because counted it too frivolous pastime.
But I did not feel like the lonely hermit. My cousin Na'Yer successfully replaced the whole band of friends to me.He was my most faithful friend. And I hope, that this connection only became more strong with time...
But I do not like to talk long time about myself. Especially in front such wide audience. Therefore I want to talk about the other moment.
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