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Muse: Na'Toth
Fandom: Babylon 5
Timeline: automn of 2259, Babylon 5 space station

Na'Toth come in apartments of ambassador G'Kar holding in hands the folder with the new correspondence and a box of data-crystals.
" The report from the government, ambassador! - she has told. -Ambassador? Where are you?"
G'Kar jumped out of kitchen with a towel on the shoulder.
" Ah, Na'Toth, here are you! Put it on a table and go here, - he has told, wagging with the spoon, - First, I'll treat you with my most tasty breen, and second, they will show that ISN interview today. I do not want to miss it. I feel, this woman, Cynthia Torqueman, conceives something. Probably, I should not be given interview to her… "
Na'Toth wanted to tell, that warned him concerning this woman, but kept silent and sat down on a couch.
G'Kar quickly put breen on plates and watered it with dense sauce. Aroma was appetizing. Narn attache admired with his culinary skill again.
" Oh, it already begins! - G'Kar started, having sat down on a couch near to her, - All right, let's look, what they have made there! "
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