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Muse: Na'Toth
Fandom: Babylon 5

Honestly, the opinion of a society has no special value for me. More precisely, I am independent enough to do some things how I want, instead of as it is necessary for other people.
But I would be hypocritical if has told, that I am not interested that some people think of me. And my trade obliges me to keep up own actions. I am diplomat, and my behaviour should not compromise me in opinion of a society. I as though am under a magnifier. Any insignificant offence which could remain unnoticed at the usual person, can become the end of career for the diplomat.
And consequently I am cautious. I try to watch reaction of people. It strains me sometimes. It forces me to carry a mask. Some masks. One for friends, another one for my enemies, the third mask for people with which I face on work.
And one mask, my true face, I reserve for myself.
So what people see in me usually? Let to assume...
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