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Muse: Na'Toth
Fandom: Babylon 5

In what sort? If to speak about physical comfort, perhaps, it will seem to you odd, but it's... weariness. Muscular weariness after intensive training. When you feel an easy pain in whole body, but it is a pleasant pain. It helps to feel your body, and it encourages, strangely enough.
I also like to be in a dark room where are candles flickering, perhaps, the favourite book and the breen made by the father...he was the excellent cook, and I liked, when he did it specially for me.
If to speak about comfort of soul... Perhaps, it happens, when you have achieved any very important purpose, and feel, that it is important not only for you, but also for other people. When you know, that your existence in this world is filled with sense.
I felt something in this sort, working with the ambassador G'Kar. To me it was comfortable to be near to him. We as though were on one wave... Though we were very different people. I would like to find such mutual understanding again...

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