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Does your mun got tired sitting in stuffy office?

Does your muse never was on a beach?

Do you dream of sea waves?

Do you feel like lonely?

Does your muse searches for new unusual adventures?

Don't worry and be happy!


[ profile] natoth tries to choose to herself a bathing suit. [ profile] natoth_muse looks at her with suspicion.
- What do you do, mun?
- I am going to go for the beach. I always dreamed to swim for a while in the sea.
- The sea?
- Are you never were on the sea, Na'Toth?
- No...
- Then take your towel and go with me. I want to organize a modest quiet party on sea beach.
Narn woman looks disturbed.
- What's party? Why I learn about it in last minute? The towel? What for?
[ profile] natoth has found the bathing suit and puts it on facing to the mirror, sighs critically:
- The summer already comes to an end, and I am not sunburnt absolutely!
[ profile] natoth_muse is puzzled finally.
- Sunburnt?
Mun sighs again.
Its too long to explain. I hope, have you any bathing suit?
- What for? What is it?
- All right, I think, we somehow shall get out. We should hurry up, our friends already wait for us on the beach.
Narn warrior tries to stop her mun.
- Look... But you are not able to speak English! It means, I shall apologize for your pronunciation and numerous mistakes again!
Mun nods.
- Oh, thank you for that has reminded me of it!
She throws in her bag the thick English-Russian dictionary and a pack of a paper.
It will help me to break a language barrier! So... let's go!

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