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Fandom: Babylon 5

Only one? It will be difficult for choosing. All right, I'll try. Humans! These aliens constantly puzzle me, and it is inconvenient to me to take any separate strangeness.
I could tell to you about baseball which the significant part of population of human's planet is keen on.
I understand nothing in this game. Nevertheless, humans can spend all day for just to watch, as other humans run after a small ball, swinging with bats. Perhaps, it is interesting to participate in this madness, but to watch only... No, I do not understand.
Humans in general are possessed by balls. The most part of their sport is based that the crowd of people kicks, throws or chases balls of various form and the size. This is very amusing show sometimes.
Or specific human humor. Here, at Babylon 5, their well-known show "Rebo and Zooty" is broadcast. Ambassador G'Kar always roars up to tears when looks it. But I do not see anything amusing there. Moreover, all this looks very silly. Probably I miss something, perhaps, I should read more information about Earth and its inhabitants. Don't know...
But there is one most amazing quality till now causing bewilderment in me.
It is ability of their women to bring up children alone, without participation of man. This thing shocked me when I have learned about it for the first time, and continues to surprise me to this day. This quality has forced me to look at mankind in another way. I have understood, that underestimated their opportunities before.
Perhaps from here they take strength and energy for so intensive outer space exploration. Who knows?
The species where women having so fragile appearance are capable to be so hardy and powerful, deserves if not respect, but recognition..

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