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Let's tell so, I prefer to have relationships with one partner, but... I should have an opportunity to choose him among other applicants. Not that I was too captious in this question, but it is accepted in our society. Hardly Narns are monogamous people in strict sense of this word. Both spouses can live together, and at the same time have one or several lovers. It is normal. It not only disciplines both spouses, but also strengthens relations of their family with other clans.
Traditionally, Narns get family only if they are going to have children in the near future. Here comes time to choose the unique soulmate in life. This is serious decision, and the price for a mistake can be very high.
If Narn woman has an opportunity to choose the partner, it increases chance of her future pouchlings of a survival because she can find the best and most careful father for her children. Yes, we marry only one partner, but it does not mean, that we say goodbye to our lovers. In most cases they remain our good friends who are always ready to come to the aid in case of need.
In the world where every day passes in struggle for a survival, such partnership is of great importance.
Certainly, it does not mean, that we do not feel jealousy. More likely on the contrary. Rivalry generates real hurricane of passions. But it is always better to see all qualities and features of the partner before you will be held down together with a marriage vow. Also what, if not the competition helps to understand desire of own heart in the best way?
As I already spoke, the price of a mistake can be very high but for this reason we shall offer much for the sake of an opportunity to find the worthy partner.
Strict monogamy, in my opinion, deprives us with this happiness. It weakens both spouses. They become too confident in own invulnerability, and their life turns to boring routine very soon.
Hardly it happen, when you know, that your mate can always find someone more interesting and sexual in the other place. It increases a level of adrenaline in blood, you know.
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