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Muse: Na'Toth
Fandom: Babylon 5

The last year hardly can be named quiet for me. It has passed in constant struggle, and, mostly, there was a struggle with myself. With my own fears, own indispositions, prejudices, memoirs, weaknesses, shadows from the past and uncertainty of the future. I hope, that could overcome the majority of them. But it does not mean, that there will be no something new soon.
As to the next year and my hopes... You know, I think about G'Kar and that he travels somewhere there, among stars now... While we live here, on this planet, trying to restore it from ruins... Among this routine, political intrigues and so on... I catch myself on thoughts that I envy him.
I always wanted to travel, wanted to see the new worlds... And I was very close to this dream that year when worked on Babylon 5.
But the fate developed in such a manner that I cannot afford such trip. Someone should restore our Homeworld. Someone should organize all this invention. Otherwise those ones who travel among stars, can,returning, to not find their planet. All right... I am ready to reconcile to the role of the keeper... But the dream still lives somewhere inside me.
Who knows, perhaps, the next year I can carry it out?
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