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Topic 156: If you could change one aspect of your society, what would it be?

Whether do I want to change something in our society? My world has passed through so much changes for last hundred years so it is uneasy to me to answer this question. Perhaps, someone will name me as conservative if I'll tell, that I would like to return our old traditions back sometimes. This idea appears in my head each time when I look at our youth which tries to imitate blindly to aliens, copying their customs, laws, manners. What a youth! I noticed similar things among old guard, too.
Culture and traditions of Narn society were created by centuries, millenia. It can seem too rigid, too non flexible for a stranger who has not grown in our society, was not born on our planet. But nevertheless, this system worked and works, that is why I would think in details before to rush to change something.
Yes, I am conservative bitch, and I do not hide it. But there is one thing which irritated me in the past, and now looks for me full absurdity.
I speak about the vagaries of birth.
Our society consisted from system of Circles for a long time. And I think that it is good structure. Each person should know the place in the society and do that work for which he or she is intended. But...
The title of the Supreme Governor can be inherited only. I think it out-of-date concept. Moreover, it is unfair! I saw these notorious descendants of ancient and famous families. Stupid, having little education, spoilt with luxury and flattery people! They achieved nothing in this life, using a merit of their ancestors. While there are more worthy candidates around. Why they cannot take a place for which they suit in hundred times better than these coddled aristocrats?
It always irritated me in a youth, because I knew, that I was cleverer and more talented than many of those ones who stood above me on a scale of ranks. Nevertheless, they gave orders (rather incompetent sometimes) and they got awards for merits of other less notable people...
It irritates me now, after Occupations and war, which have brought so many changes to our world. These people were not among our war-leaders who battled to Centauri invaders but as soon as danger passed, they demand their warm places back! Because their fathers and great-grandfathers owned them! What a bosh!
I do not mind the Supreme governors. The leader is necessary for our people. But give me the worthy leader, strong and clever, the person whom I and my people would respect for his/her own merits and personal qualities, instead of long family tree and a thick purse.
Ah, I do not call for open revolution, no-no, guys, I always was against chaos in the government... But I think, we should change this law. It become obsolete and should remain as the fact of our history only.
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