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Muse: Na'Toth
Fandom: Babylon 5

Topic #155: It's war! Describe yourself fighting against ...

Attache Na'Toth come in the Customs and made inquiry to the computer finding out an exact time of liner's Calisto arrival. Listening to the polite computer's voice Narn woman looked steadfastly in motley crowd of passengers which passed the Customs terminal. Ambassador G'Kar charged her with responsible mission: to meet Counsellor Ha'Rok who should arrive on Babylon 5 for any important negotiations. Na'Toth examined each passenger, being afraid, that she can not notice him in such crowd.
Her attention was involved suddenly to the tall woman, which talked to the guard. She was dressed as Minbari from Warrior Caste. Woman seemed vaguely familiar to Na'Toth. Her face was hidden under the hood. The woman explained something to the security officer, and then removed the hood from her head with a sigh. To Na'Toth's greatest amazement the woman was not Minbari! Attache shuddered, not trusting own eyes: this strict and predatory face with bright blue cat's eyes... oh, she saw it in the dreams so often…
Na'Toth strained with all body, literally devouring stranger with eyes. And there were vague pictures from the childhood in her memory: father rubing his chin, his scarlet eyes were narrowed angrily when he looked at the photo on the screen of monitor, the photo which represented this woman, only she carried other uniform then. And Na'Toth, the little girl, who crept in his room on night. " Who is she? " - she asked, peering in these alien and strict eyes. " Jha'Dur the Deathwalker. Our enemy, - father replied, - the one who has killed our grandfather. Remember her face, daughter, and kill her at spot if you will meet her in future... "
She remembered screams of grandfather, his suffering because of the device which this woman implanted in his brain. Grandpa killed himself, only to not hear her voice in his mind...
Na'Toth studied all available materials about Dilgars and their most famous war-leader. Her grandfather was only one of millions people which have suffered because of Jha'Dur. She was responsible for destruction of the whole civilizations, thousand innocent victims served as guinea pigs for her severe experiments. The fabulous award has been declared for Jha'dur's head in many worlds, she has been posted by one of most dangerous and ruthless war criminals in the galaxy.
They have told to Na'Toth's family, that Jha'Dur is dead, as well as other Dilgars. They have told, that Dilgar's Homeworld, Ormelos: both planet and solar system have been destroyed during explosion of their sun which have turned in supernova.
They have told, that nobody from Ormelos could break through blockade which League of Non-aligned Worlds together with the Earth Alliance kept after Dilgar war.
But it has not prevented her family to declare their Shon'Kar to Deathwalker. Yes, it looked silly. Yes, it looked hopelessly. But nobody saw a dead body of their enemy, means, the chance existed.
And now Na'Toth looked at the woman, and it seemed to her, that the photo from the past has come to life suddenly. After thirty years... but, nevertheless...
"It cannot be… - Na'Toth murmured, clenching fists, - but its Deathwalker!"
She screamed in fury and jumped on the stranger, wishing to break her flesh, to crush, to destroy her. There was nothing new to Narn woman, she met it in dreams too often...
"Deathwalker! A-rrh!"
Na'Toth remembered vaguely, what happened after. She never thought, that is capable to terrify so from fury. She regained consciousness in hands of guards which tried vainly to drag her from the stained with blood body.
"Let me go! She must die! She is Deathwalker! Deathwalker!"
The alien woman on the floor still moved, Na'Toth hoped, that it were agonal convulsions.
She screamed, being pulled out from hands of security guards, and almost made it, but the clang of the handcuffs clasped around her wrists, prevented her to return and finish her revenge...
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