19 September 2006

natoth_muse: (schrock)
Muse: Na'Toth
Fandom: Babylon 5

I could tell to you a lot about a revenge. Those ones who know my people, understand, what a lot of value we give to this tradition. It is a core on which our society is based.
But when we speak about a revenge, we don't mean primitive thirst of blood and severe requital to the offender.
When we declare Shon'Kar, the Blood Oath, first of all, we demand our right on justice.
We believe, the avenger is instrument of the gods, intended to punish the one who committed a crime or put heavy insult to somebody and when the person says a sacred oath and cuts the forehead meaning that is going to fulfill the oath, this Narn does not belong to himself/herself any more, he or she only executes will of gods.
There are years can pass sometimes before the avenger can finish his business. It happens so, that many generations can change, before it is possible to fulfill an oath.
But time has no value here.
Sooner or later, but justice will be restored.
The right to revenge gives the person the purpose of a life and an occasion for a life. Yes, it is paradoxical, but I know many Narns which are alive only for the sake of it. I had such oath myself.
You, humans, can tell, that it is barbarous custom and there is a court which can solve these conflicts. But I'll allow myself to tell, that this "justice" is a sneer at our custom! I saw this "circus" when they have prevented me to kill this bloody Dilgar bitch, Jha'Dur the Death Walker, there in dock. I saw, that their so-called "court" enabled to slip away from punishment to the woman which hands never to wash from blood of innocent souls which she has ruined.
Glory to Holy Martyrs, Vorlons had other sight at things. Blood can be washed off only by blood. And I am glad, that they knew it.
We have no similar judicial comedies on the Narn. Similar questions are solved by the offender or by his family. That fact, there is always will be the person who will force the criminal to pay for committed deeds, sooner or later, in this life or in another, in this world or in another, fills our existence with sense.

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